Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi Hotspots FAQs

The Riverside County Library System has made Wi-Fi Hotspots available to community members who need internet access beyond the library walls.  RCLS is not responsible for any liability, damages or expense resulting from use or misuse of the device, connection of the device to other electronic devices, or data loss resulting from use of device. Any use of the device for illegal purposes, unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material in any format, or transmission of threatening, harassing, defamatory or obscene materials is strictly prohibited.

What are Wi-Fi Hotspots?

A Wi-Fi Hotspot is a device that allows you to connect your mobile enabled devices (e.g. laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the Internet. It is portable so you can connect your device almost wherever you go: at home, on the bus, in the park, etc.  It will work in any area covered by the Sprint or T-Mobile network.

Who can check out a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Any Riverside County resident, at least 18 years of age and who has an active RCLS card in good standing, may borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot from any RCLS library. Limit one per household.   

Wi-Fi Hotspots are available on a first come, first-serve basis.  Chargers will not checkout.

How long can I check out a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

You can borrow a Wi-Fi Hotspot for (3) three weeks.

Are Wi-Fi Hotspots renewable?

Wi-Fi Hotspots are not renewable.

Can I place a hold on a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Wi-Fi Hotspots cannot be placed on hold; however, if you call the library, you can place one on a 3-day hold.

Where can I return a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Wi-Fi Hotspot must be returned to the service desk of the RCLS location where it was borrowed. They may not be returned to bookdrops or other RCLS locations.

What if I return a Wi-Fi hotspot late or lose It?

A Wi-Fi Hotspot will be turned off and wireless service will be terminated if the hotspot is not returned on the due date. There will be a $0.25 late fine per day, with a maximum of $5.00, when returned. 

If the Wi-Fi Hotspot is lost, please contact the location where you checked it out immediately. The replacement fee of $100 is the market value cost that RCLS charge to replace