eCard: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eCard?

An e­Card is a Riverside County Library System card that you can sign up for online and which provides access to most resources in our Digital Library.  eCards are available to anyone who lives, resides part-time to attend school, owns property, or works in Riverside County. 

Who needs an eCard?

The eCard is for anyone who wishes to access the library’s resources but who does not already have a physical library card. If you already have a physical library card but can't remember your library card number, visit any of our libraries, and bring along an ID to recover your account.  Replacement cards cost $1.00.

Am I eligible for an eCard?

You may register for an eCard (en Español) if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Your primary residence is in Riverside County, eCard good for 1-year
  • Your primary residence is outside Riverside County, eCard good for 3-months
  • You are 13 years of age and older

Other Restrictions

  • If you already have a library card with Riverside County Library System, you do not need an eCard, as your full-access card provides you with access to everything you need!
  • Children under 13 years of age are ineligible for an eCard due to COPPA restrictions.

I don't live in Riverside County, may I still apply for an eCard?

Anyone may apply for a full-access library card by visiting one of our Riverside County library locations with identification and proof of address.  If you don’t live in Riverside County, you may still apply for an eCard that will be good for 3-months.

How do I get an eCard?

Complete the eCard application (en Español) and you will immediately receive your eCard number by email. You will then be ready to use many of our Digital Resources.

Is there anything my eCard can’t do?

Requesting and borrowing physical materials, including park passes, requires a full-access card. eCards can be upgraded to full-access cards at any RCLS location.

How do I upgrade my eCard to a full-access library card?

All eCards can be upgraded to a full-access card by visiting any RCLS location.  Bring photo ID and proof of your California address. A California driver’s license or ID meets both requirements.

After your upgrade, you should still be able to see your active holds, checkouts, and other digital activity when you log in with your new library card credentials. 

You will have the option of keeping your eCard number or obtaining a physical card.

Will the eCard expire?

Yes. Your eCard expires after 1-year if you currently live in Riverside County and 3-months if you live outside Riverside County. You can then apply for a full-access card at any Riverside County Library location.

What if I lose my eCard, forget my number, etc.?

If your e­Card number has been lost or forgotten, please report it to your local library as soon as possible. You may also use our LiveChat service to obtain your eCard number. Because of confidentiality, as with full-access library cards, eCard numbers will not be given over the phone.

What is the difference between a full-access library card and an eCard?

An eCard gives you access to our digital collection only. A full­-access library card is offered to all patrons who visit the library with identification and proof of address. This card can be used to access both our digital and physical collections and allows you to check out printed books, periodicals, technology items, CDs and DVDs. In addition, a full-access library card allows you to reserve and use public computers at library locations.